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About Us

REVERSE MORTGAGES ONLY differentiates itself from other providers by offering exceptional knowledge and service to our borrowers.

Our Knowledge
We know and understand your needs. Reverse Mortgages are all that we do. We can offer government-insured and jumbo Reverse Mortgages. We understand the nuances, benefits, and drawbacks of each.

Our Resources
We can connect you with our extensive network of trusted service providers – from estate attorneys to plumbers!

Our Commitment
We are dedicated to use our knowledge and resources to help seniors live the life they choose.

REVERSE MORTGAGES ONLY (a dba under J. V. Senior Mortgage, Inc.) was formed in 2004 to focus exclusively on Reverse Mortgage products. We realized that the needs of the growing population of retired people were not being met by traditional mortgage products.  We are dedicated to help you live the life you choose.


Judy Schwartz is the principal at Reverse Mortgages Only.  She has been with the company since its beginning, has a broad business background and brings real life experience dealing with an aging parent.

We CHOOSE to be different in the following ways:

  Reverse Mortgages Only focuses exclusively on Reverse Mortgages

  We represent multiple lenders - we do the shopping for you.

  We stay on top of the ever-changing marketplace and can smoothly guide you through the changes.

  We offer lifetime service, assisting you with other aging-in-place needs by referring you to our vetted and trusted business associates.

  We are committed to offer incomparable customer care before, during and after the loan process.

  We live by the credo “Treat our clients the way we would want our Mom’s to be treated.”